Initially, a combination theater hall/movie house, the Cinéma L’Amour started out in 1914 under the name “Le Globe” and has since managed to survive as an independent theater. Located in the heart of Montreal’s Jewish community, “Le Globe” was the main venue for watching Yiddish films during the 1920’s and the 30’s.

Renamed “The Hollywood” in 1932, the building maintained its reputation as an internationally renowned theater/movie house.

As years passed and the social climate changed and evolved, the decision was made in 1969, to transform “The Hollywood” into “The PussyCat”, a cinema featuring strictly explicit, adult-themed movies. The theater is now, since July 1981, known under the name “Cinéma L’Amour“, and focuses exclusively on adult films. The cinema has the distinction of being the oldest movie hall of its kind in Montreal, yet the interior design remains virtually unchanged since its opening over a century ago. As shown in the photo, the aisles, classic ornamentations, and the horseshoe balcony remain intact. There is a documentary called Cinéma L’Amour that can be found on YouTube.

Cinéma L’Amour has also contributed to the cultural scene of Montreal hosting various film and music festivals, concerts, fashions shows and movie shootings. Filming of music videos seem to be the trend these days in this unique venue.

CONGRATULATIONS to Cinéma L’Amour for its 42 years of enormous success with a clientele that continues to grow to this day!